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Easy Homemade Veggie Casserole Dog Recipe

Glen Gallon I found this simple veggie casserole recipe when I was researching Tigga's (Happy Glen) parents. His father, Glen Gallon, was one of the top greyhound racers in Australia, raking in around $595,000 for his trainer Tony Brett. Tony's Mum makes the stew a few times a week for the racers at Brett's property at Grantchester, Qld. If the stew's good enough for them, it's good…


Top 10 Toxic Foods for Greyhounds

Top 10 Toxic Foods for Greyhounds It's confusing when you first adopt a greyhound to know what foods they can and cannot eat. Here is a list of the top ten toxic foods for greyhounds. 1. Chocolate As tempting as it is when a long snout appears out of nowhere and snuffles around as you open your favourite chocolate bar. Don't give your grey any! Chocolate is…


10 Fun Facts About greyhounds.

You probably know greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world (up to 45 mph) but there are many other quirks with them, and that's why greyhounds make great pets Here are 10 other fun facts about greyhounds that might surprise you... 1. Greyhounds Don't Like to Sit. With their muscular Kardashian-Esque bottoms, greyhounds find it uncomfortable to sit, unlike other dogs. Racing makes their back-end muscles…


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