Greyhound And Whippet Clothes (Where to buy them)

Are you searching for Greyhound And Whippet Clothes? If you've been asking Where Can I Buy Greyhound And Whippet Clothes? read on... Why Do Greyhounds & Whippets Need Clothes? Greyhounds and whippets need extra warmth for a number of reasons. Unlike other breeds, their coats only have one layer, so they feel extremes of cold more than other dogs. Also, as they are very lean they have…

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Top 4 Dog Lovers Quotes to Make You Smile

Top 4 Dog Lovers Quotes to Make You Smile Dogs are a bit like life partners, aren’t they? When you meet ‘the one’ you just know! It may not always start off well, there may be nerves, maybe a little rejection - especially if your grey was mistreated. Just like in any other relationship in life, it takes time to build trust. There are bound to be…


Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

Image by Debbie Miller Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats These peanut butter banana dog treats are quick and easy to make and only use 4 ingredients! Store-bought dog treats are great for convenience, but often contain fillers and sweeteners. Making your own at home is super simple and you can swap out ingredients to suit your dogs' taste preferences. I've been making my dog treats at home…


The Sighthound Family

What is the Sighthound Family? The sighthound family include the breeds of dogs which use their sight for hunting rather than their nose (scent hounds). They are also known as gazehounds.


The History of Greyhounds

The History of Greyhounds Through the Ages. Do you know the history of greyhounds? Did you know greyhounds can be traced back over 8,000 years ago? Making them the oldest pure-bred dog breed. They are depicted in many forms of art and literature through the ages.


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