Cheddar Cheesy Dog Treats

Cheddar Cheese Dog Treats These homemade cheddar cheese dog treats are Miss Lottie's all-time favourites out of all the recipes I've tried. She's a huge cheese lover and can't get enough of them! **You can jump to the recipe card for ingredients & full instructions** They contain only 3 simple ingredients and are super easy and quick to make. So, save some money buying store-bought treats and…


Raw Dog Food (a beginner’s guide to raw feeding)

What is raw feeding? Like me, you've probably seen many a heated debate in Facebook sighthound groups regarding raw dog food. There are pros and cons for each argument on raw feeding. We all want our pets to have all the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy, so it makes sense to give them nutritional food. Which is where raw feeding comes in. So, what…


Why Do Greyhounds Lean On You?

So, why do greyhounds lean on you? The greyhound owners amongst you will probably be very familiar with the greyhound lean. Some may not, as Tigga, our big goofy boy, has never lent on us yet. Whereas, Lottie loves a good lean and will do it at any opportunity! It's quite an experience to have a 35+kg greyhound resting its full weight on you, and only one…


Potassium For Dogs (and why it’s essential)

Why does my dog need potassium? Potassium is an important nutrient and is essential for your dog's health. These are just some functions it helps to regulate: Heart rhythm Hydration Digestive system Neural function Immune system It also works with calcium to strengthen canine teeth and bones and maintains your dogs PH levels to hold onto calcium in the bones and blood. So its very important to…


Help! Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why does my dog eat grass? We all know that dogs love to eat grass now and then, but have you ever stopped to question why they do it? There are several potential explanations why your canine companion may have a craving for grass, from its natural fibre content providing essential roughage to its potential ability to ease an upset stomach. If your dog eats excessive amounts…


10 Dog Friendly Beaches Near The Lake District

Where can I take my dog to the beach near the Lake District? Are you looking for dog friendly beaches near the Lake District? The Cumbrian coastline is full of sandy beaches, trails for walking and exploring wildlife, and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Many are available for you and your pup to enjoy all year round. They might not have the same fine golden…

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