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Hi, from Tigga & Lottie

Welcome to the blog, we’re both very excited to be here!

We are two eight-year-old ex-racing greyhounds. After retiring, we went to live in our forever home in Brisbane, Australia. In June 2022 we moved overseas to the Lake District in England. There are lots of new smells to discover on our sniffari’s!

This blog began after Mum adopted us and read about all the other greyhounds and sighthounds who needed a forever home. She wanted to show people what great pets we make, and how cute and well-behaved we all are. We are a very affectionate, calm breed and very low maintenance – as we sleep around 12-14hrs a day.

About Our Personalities
Tigga – all about the cuddles, huge dramatic sighs, master of sulks & crazy stinky bottom burps.
Lottie – pocket rocket, Queen hoarder of shoes and TV remotes & general roost ruler.



Many of the photos of our doggy friends on this blog have been sent by the kind people in the Facebook groups: Greyhound Owners Brisbane, Retired Greyhound Owners & The House Of Hound. Many are from overseas.

We hope you find some interesting articles, and fun facts, and enjoy our yummy recipes.

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Please feel free to leave a comment or drop us a line at admin@happygreys.com – we would love to hear from you!

Thank you,

Tigga & Lottie XOX

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