Greyhound Adoption

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Did you know an estimated 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year?

Sadly, this figure relates to Australia alone – worldwide the problem is much bigger. Up to 10,000 greyhound puppies are born each year in Australia, all in the hope of producing a winner.  Which is why greyhound adoption is so important.

Promoting awareness of greyhounds and the adoption process through education is vital. Adopting Tigga was a steep learning curve, but greys are really worth the effort.

Many people see greyhounds outdoors wearing muzzles and presume they are an aggressive breed. There is nothing farther from the truth. Greyhounds are extremely loving and calm dogs and make wonderful family pets.

Greyhound Adoption Charities

Greyhound adoption charities around the world rehome ex-racing and abandoned greyhounds. Both of my greyhounds were adopted through one of these charities – the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP QLD). GAP does an amazing job matching owners needs and lifestyle with just the right dog for them.

Greyhound Upbringing

Greyhounds are raised unlike any other breed of dog, which can make their behaviour and emotional needs unique.

The Mother and her litter remain together during their first year, after which, the litter is sent to a trainer. The litter train and travel to the racing track together. Unfortunately, the greys which are too slow or become injured during races are unwanted.

Hopefully, the blogs on this page will demonstrate what amazing pets they make – even if they are slightly bonkers sometimes!

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