Greyhound And Whippet Clothes (Where to buy them)

Are you searching for Greyhound And Whippet Clothes? If you've been asking Where Can I Buy Greyhound And Whippet Clothes? read on... Why Do Greyhounds & Whippets Need Clothes? Greyhounds and whippets need extra warmth for a number of reasons. Unlike other breeds, their coats only have one layer, so they feel extremes of cold more than other dogs. Also, as they are very lean they have…


Dog Pee Ruining Your Lawn? Here’s The Answer!

Get Rid Of Those Burnt Patches! Is dog pee ruining your lawn? Random dark patches everywhere? I must admit its something I'd never experienced before. I'd always had a male dog who seemed to pee all over in the garden, and didn't have a particularly favourite 'spot'. Then we adopted Tigga, and I'd been told to try and get him to 'go' in one spot from the…


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