Cheddar Cheesy Dog Treats

Cheddar Cheese Dog Treats These homemade cheddar cheese dog treats are Miss Lottie's all-time favourites out of all the recipes I've tried. She's a huge cheese lover and can't get enough of them! **You can jump to the recipe card for ingredients & full instructions** They contain only 3 simple ingredients and are super easy and quick to make. So, save some money buying store-bought treats and…


Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

Image by Debbie Miller Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats These peanut butter banana dog treats are quick and easy to make and only use 4 ingredients! Store-bought dog treats are great for convenience, but often contain fillers and sweeteners. Making your own at home is super simple and you can swap out ingredients to suit your dogs' taste preferences. I've been making my dog treats at home…

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Easy Homemade Veggie Casserole Dog Recipe

Glen Gallon I found this simple veggie casserole recipe when I was researching Tigga's (Happy Glen) parents. His father, Glen Gallon, was one of the top greyhound racers in Australia, raking in around $595,000 for his trainer Tony Brett. Tony's Mum makes the stew a few times a week for the racers at Brett's property at Grantchester, Qld. If the stew's good enough for them, it's good…


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