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Dog Pee Ruining Your Lawn? Here’s The Answer!

Get Rid Of Those Burnt Patches!

dog ruining lawn with pee

Is dog pee ruining your lawn? Random dark patches everywhere?

I must admit its something I’d never experienced before. I’d always had a male dog who seemed to pee all over in the garden, and didn’t have a particularly favourite ‘spot’.

Then we adopted Tigga, and I’d been told to try and get him to ‘go’ in one spot from the beginning. Just like the photo above, I noticed brown patches all around the place we’d encouraged him to go to.

Now, my OH is, shall we say, rather anal about his lawn. He used to whipper snip, mow, weed, aerate and Christ knows what else to it. Which was fine with me because I’d prefer root canal than touch gardening.

After recent spinal fusion back surgery, he can’t do any of that now. So he painfully watches the poor gardener like a hawk while he drinks a can of beer.


One 35kg gangly giraffe on speed wasn’t enough for me, nooo, I decided he needed a ‘playmate’. And along came Lottie. Who determined she decided where she would pee, thank you very much, and would cover most of the garden.

We had more brown patches of burnt grass than green, I was seriously considering getting some green spray paint.

Then I saw these Pet Rocks on Amazon and did a bit of research – not to be confused with the ones whackos paint and talk to! Apparently, they remove the tin, ammonia and nitrates in the urine and boom, the dog pee isn’t ruining your lawn anymore!

Do They Work?

I must admit I was pretty sceptical! You get three rocks in one bag. We found out, through trial and error, it was better to keep a bucket full of water with the rocks overnight and empty into their large water bowls in the morning.

This way the water got a really got a good soak, and Lottie thought removing the rocks from her water bowl was highly amusing. So it stopped that little game.

It did take a few weeks to see a big difference, but they did actually work really well. The blurb claims they last for three months, but I’d say it was more like around ten weeks.

In Australia, you can buy them on

Dog Rocks 100% Natural Rocks 200 g, 7 oz

AUD $11.24

dog ruining lawn with pee

Otherwise, they are also here:

Dog Rocks – Prevent Grass Burn Spots by Urine 200g – Save Your Lawn from Yellow Marks

dog pee ruining

The Verdict

While these worked really well, for the most part, faffing around trying to remember to fill the water bucket of water to soak was a bit of a pain. The grass really did improve though and we will definitely buy again. maybe buy two packs and an extra bucket this time.


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