Greyhound And Whippet Clothes (Where to buy them)

greyhound and whippet clothes

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Why Do Greyhounds & Whippets Need Clothes?

Greyhounds and whippets need extra warmth for a number of reasons. Unlike other breeds, their coats only have one layer, so they feel extremes of cold more than other dogs.

Also, as they are very lean they have little body fat to keep them warm so need extra layers to keep them comfortable. The rule of thumb is if you need to put on a jumper – they need one too. After moving to the UK from Australia this Summer, housecoats have been a lifesaver for our two greyhounds.

I don’t know about you, but half the fun of owning a sighthound is being able to dress them up and see them looking so cute and snuggly!


I use these for our dogs when they are around the house during the day in the winter months. They are thicker than pyjamas and are usually made of fleece or cotton. I keep them on during our chilly early morning walks and usually wash them twice a week.

They are light, so they don’t take long to dry.

Babepet Greyhound/Whippet Fleece.

Amazon Paw Print Fleece Coat

I have two of these fleeces – one in each colour (red & blue) Tigga is 35kg and I ordered the XXXL for him, they do seem to come up quite large. I would recommend an XXL at most for a large male grey (L/XL for a female) and a small/medium for a whippet. But do be sure to measure your pup before ordering!


greyhound and whippet clothes

I love seeing sighthounds in pyjamas! They look so funny with their spindly little legs encased in stripes and patterns. When we lived in Australia, the main go-to name in hound pyjamas was Hound Tees – which have an awesome range for both greys and whippets. Their long johns are stretchy and they also sell snoods for Winter warmth too. They do deliver internationally.

greyhound and whippet clothes

The Smart Dog Company has a lovely range of cotton and fleece pyjamas, coats and other accessories. They specialise in clothing for whippets, greyhounds and lurchers and are based in Yorkshire, UK. You can find out how Kim started the company after adopting her whippet, Tommy.

Waterproof & Padded Coats

Having returned to the Lake District in June 2022, Tigga & Lottie soon needed rain jackets to keep them dry on our long walks. Some of the best jackets we found actually came from ALDI – but these tend to only be available as Special Buys, so not in stock all the time.

These Outhwaite padded and waterproof jackets are specially cut for greyhounds and whippets and come in a range of sizes.

Geycete does a great range of pet clothing and these padded, windproof jackets are perfect for harsh winter weather. They have the added bonus of reflective piping for dark night walks and you can even add your pet’s name and your contact details with the marker provided. The coats are very reasonably priced and are machine washable too.

I hope you enjoyed Where Can I Buy Greyhound And Whippet Clothes? If you have any recommendations for coats or pyjamas please share them in the comments below.

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