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Mad about greyhounds?
Crazy for Noodle Horses?

This blog was created to raise awareness of these amazing hounds, and hopefully, dispel some myths.
An estimated 18,000 greyhounds are killed each year – and that’s in Australia alone!
We aim to encourage adoption by providing as much information as possible about greyhounds & other sighthounds.

Adopting a greyhound is a hugely rewarding experience for both owner and pet.
The blog covers Nutrition, Behaviour, Training, Products, Lifestyle – and more beautiful pics than you can shake a tail at.

HOUND OF THE MONTH – January 2022


It’s easy to see why Jed was the first pick as our featured Hound Of The Month for January.

With that handsome face and his sense of style, Jed’s a sure winner.

Jed will receive a free pencil portrait sketch as the winner Hound of the Month.

Special thanks to Sarita and Jay – you truly have a gorgeous grey!!

greyhounds in snoods

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Happy Greys & IWaG


Happy Greys are very proud to partner with IWaG (I Want a Greyhound) a registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to rescuing & rehoming greyhounds.

IWaG educates and pairs owners with prospective greyhounds to adopt.