Meet The Hounds

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Our lovely sighthound friends share their stories!

This is where you get to meet the hounds and share yours with us. Ok, so this is more of an excuse for me to sit and look at pictures of sighthounds – but you’ve got to have some perks, right?

If you’d like to introduce your pup to the Happy Greys crew (and tell us what makes them so special) send their photo & details to

We’d love to know:

  • Their name (and racing name if any)
  • Date of birth
  • How they chose you
  • Their story
  • What they love
  • What they hate
  • and any quirks they have

Are they counter surfers?

Do you have a pair of bonded hounds?

Let us know why you think sighthounds make the most awesome pets!

So, Lets Meet The Hounds!

Tigga (Happy Glen) D.O.B 15th Aug 2015 Follow Tigga on Insta @tigganlottie

meet the hounds happy greys

Tigga chose us at GAP Qld, a greyhound rehoming centre in Qld, Australia. After an initial 1hr meet & greet he came and stood next to me and I immediately felt a sense of calm.

He’s the biggest love sponge, calm and very patient with his little sister. He still doesn’t really understand what toys are for, but loves to roach on the sofa.

Tigga’s favourite things in the world are:

Chicken (as much and often as possible)

Cuddles & belly scritches (as above)

Watching ‘The Dog House

He hates:

Cats (we’ve had many a near miss!)

Being told off.

Three words to sum Tigga up?

Great Big Flummox

Lottie (Velocity Linder) D.O.B 13th May 2016 Follow Lottie on Insta @tigganlottie

meet the hounds happy greys

Lottie also came from GAP, Qld just before COVID hit Australia. It was only when we brought her home and looked at her papers we discovered her and Tigga are 1/2 brother and sister!

Lottie rules the roost and loves toys, teddies and is a massive hoarder. She is quite possessive over her ‘loot’ but luckily Tigga is very laid back. They certainly are a bonded pair.

Her favourite things in the world are:

Cheese (any kind in any form – even plastic cheese!)

Toys & Teddies (she would have made a great Mum)

Hoarding (if anything goes missing – tv remotes, slippers, radiator caps, there’s a fair chance it’s in Lottie’s bed)

Lottie dislikes:

Sharing (anything)


Three words to sum Lottie up?

Sweet Roost Ruler

Stella (Santro Sweet) 18th May 2017 – follow Stella on Insta @adeleclairehound

Well, I had quite the job choosing only one pic of this gorgeous girl! She’s beautiful isn’t she?

Stella retired from racing in Jan 2021 and by 23rd Feb she was already in her forever home. Mum went to see her, fell in love and brought her home that day. Nice work!

Her favourite things in the world are:

FOOD! (huge foodie), she’s very well behaved though and waits for her treats & food.

Walks on the beach (Mum has just passed her test so that they could have more adventures together 🙌).

Other dogs – Stella’s very sociable & loves all dogs (she’s even been a role model to other pups).

Stella dislikes:

Jumping into the car (but she’s fine once in).

Wind & Rain

Getting her nails clipped (but she’s a good girl & complies).

She’s scared of men, bikes and kids too.

Three words to sum her up, Mum?

Gorgeous Gentle Giant x