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Why Do Greyhounds Lean On You?

So, why do greyhounds lean on you? The greyhound owners amongst you will probably be very familiar with the greyhound lean. Some may not, as Tigga, our big goofy boy, has never lent on us yet. Whereas, Lottie loves a good lean and will do it at any opportunity!

It’s quite an experience to have a 35+kg greyhound resting its full weight on you, and only one of their weird behaviour quirks.

greyhound leaning

Comfort and reassurance

If your grey is in an unfamiliar situation or scared, they will look to you, their pack leader, for protection. You will notice from their body language how they are feeling. If your greyhound leans on you with their tail tucked between their legs and looks unsure, they are not comfortable. Lottie usually does this if we are walking on a busy street and there are large vehicles passing.

Talk to them and let them know everything is ok and you are there for them. It’s probably best to remove them from whatever situation they are not happy in. It’s best not to push them if they are distressed, as it could lead to their stress escalating.

greyhound leaning

Do greyhounds lean on you if they are happy?

This is the best kind of lean! Greyhounds are very affectionate dogs and when they lean on you when they feel calm and happy, it’s like a big greyhound hug. Their tail and ear positions should be neutral and you’ll be able to see from their eyes and face that they are comfortable.

They are giving, and looking to receive, affection from you. Petting them when they are in this position will strengthen the bond between you both.

Like with any other dog its important to look at the whole picture of your greys body language to gauge how they are feeling.

Do you have a greyhound who loves to lean on you? Share your story below.

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