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Why Greyhounds Make Awesome Pets

So why choose a greyhound as a pet?

greyhounds awesome pets

Greyhounds make awesome pets and are unlike any other breed I’ve ever come across. So let’s take a look at why…..

Greyhounds Are Goddam Lazy.

Many people assume greyhounds need lots of exercise as they are known for racing. So not the case! They love their early morning and late afternoon ‘sniffari’ walks and their ‘zoomies‘, but apart from that, they are mostly found lounging on the sofa or their bed. They make ideal apartment pets for this very reason and are becoming very popular as inner-city pets. Our routine is generally:

  • Wake around 6 am
  • Walk 20-30 mins (or if there are no dogs at the dog park they go for a good run)
  • Rest for 30-60 mins
  • Breakfast
  • Sleep until 4 pm
  • 20 min neighbourhood walk
  • Dinner
  • Doze on the couch until 10 pm
  • Outside for toilet time
  • Bed 10.15 pm

As you can see, greyhounds are a very low maintenance breed. Many owners only walk their greys once a day and their dogs are happy and healthy. I choose to walk mine twice a day for my lawns benefit more than theirs. I find they are less likely to zoomie and churn up the garden if they exercise twice a day.

Minimum Barking.

In general greyhounds seldom bark. Obviously though, there will be some exceptions to this rule given differing doggie personalities.

If you’re looking for a guard dog, forget it! Greys are more likely to lollop up to an intruder and lick them to surrender rather than alert you to their presence – especially if they think snacks may be involved. However, if there are other dogs in the house they may learn barking behaviour, which is best to nip in the bud. Rarely will you ever receive a note in your mailbox from a frustrated neighbour informing you your dog has been barking all day while you are out though.

Rare Shedders.

Greyhounds rarely shed, and when they do their hair is very fine and short. This makes them ideal for owners with allergies as they only have one coat with no undercoat. Their skin (dander) doesn’t shed as much, or produce as much oil as other breeds too – often a cause of many allergies.

I’d say the only exception to this is when they are first adopted and after a few weeks begin to lose their ‘kennel coat’. When they come from the track or farm before adoption they have a longer, fluffier coat. You’ll notice this shed over the first weeks and in its place, a lovely silky coat will emerge.

Greys only have one coat of hair and they produce minimal amounts of oil – so they don’t have that ‘doggy’ smell. Its a usual rule of thumb they only need bathing around once every six months, or if they’ve rolled in something smelly. No regular hydro bath and clipping for these beauties.

Low Maintenence.

Never use an outside tap or hose to bath your grey, as they have such little body fat they will feel too chilly, even in summer. Always use dog shampoo, as the human variety is far too harsh for them – the same with conditioner.

I love this one from Petbarn – it smells amazing and I find the oatmeal soothes any flare-up of dandruff.

greyhound awesome pets  shampoo

They Are Seriously Stylish.

Come on, have you ever seen another breed of dog with as big a wardrobe as a greyhound? From jammies to snoods, coats to legwarmers (yes, really!) and everything in between.

They are masters of style and as ridiculous as they should look, somehow they manage to pull it off. I’m hanging out for Christmas to treat my two to some outfits like these, modeled by Brock and Zena.

Personality In Spades.

Greyhounds have the biggest personalities around – they are literally the goofiest, weirdest dog breed on the planet! 90% legs and 100% heart they are like Bambi on speed.

Those long snouts can snuffle in your pocket for snacks, and they are the perfect height to ‘mine-sweep’ countertops (I lost a whole tray of sausage rolls before realising this one). They’ll sleep legs akimbo upside down on the couch their tongues grazing the floor.

 greyhound awesome pets

See Daisy above? this is how greyhounds ‘smile’ – their lips flopped back (note – not snarly, very relaxed) accompanied by vacant eyes. They LOVE to cuddle and will try and fit all of themselves as close to you as possible, at all times. You are literally ‘their human’ and once chosen they will devote themselves to you.

Those Eyes Though!!

This one doesn’t need much explaining. Not only are they sweet natured, incredibly loving and loyal – they have the most amazing elegant faces.

But, I’ll show not tell. Go and check out our Greyhound Gallery on our home page. If you can get to the end without falling in love you’re a much stronger person than I am!

We hope you enjoyed our round up of why greyhounds make awesome pets.

If you have any other suggestions comment below – we would love to hear fro you!

Take Care xoxo

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