Welcome To Happy Greys!

Are you wild about whippets? Go ga-ga over greyhounds? Or perhaps it's a borzio who's stolen your heart?

Here at Happy Greys, we are passionate about all sighthounds. We have worked to support rescue and rehoming charities in Australia, and now the UK, for the last seven years.

Happy Greys began as a blog to promote education around sighthound rehoming and adoption. Later, after searching for clothes to celebrate our love of sighthounds, we decided to produce our own!

We'll be building the blog back up and adding to our product range. So be sure to check back in and find some bargains.

We won't only be covering sighthounds though - so whether you love sausage dogs or Labradors there's something for everyone.

**A percentage of all our sales go to the Greyhound Rescue Charity - Retired Greyhounds South Lakes (RGSL) - Charity Number: 1191786.**

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Supporting UK Sighthound Charities

We are proud to partner with Retired Greyhounds South Lakes.

Jenny, and her amazing team of volunteers, work tirelessly to rehome retired greyhounds.

For more information see here