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Welcome to Happy Greys

Do you go Ga-Ga over Greyhounds?

Adore Afghans?

Or are you Wild about Whippets? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Did you know Over 50,000 greyhounds and other sighthounds are killed each year globally?

Our mission is to raise awareness of greyhounds and the awesome sighthound family and to encourage their adoption through education & information. Join us for the best tips on behaviour & training, adoption, recipes, product recommendations and lifestyle hacks!

Have you ever asked yourself why does my greyhound stare at me?

Where do greyhounds come from?

or searched for healthy treats to feed your dog?

These are just some posts available on this site.


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Greyhounds & Sighthounds

Whether you’re considering adopting a greyhound or sighthound, are a first-time owner or have lots of experience with this awesome family – I hope you find something interesting on this site. I’ll be updating it regularly with new content and some helpful resources. So stay tuned for new recipes and some real-life adoption stories.

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Meet The Hounds

Read about real life sighthounds and their stories

Meet the Hounds

Do you have a handsome hound? Or a quirky girl? I’d love to meet them!

Drop us a line and share their story to feature on our Meet The Hounds page.

What makes them special?

How did you meet?

What do they love/hate?

Send a photo and details to admin@happygreys.com.

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Happy Greys & IWaG


Happy Greys are very proud to partner with IWaG (I Want a Greyhound) a registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to rescuing & rehoming greyhounds.

IWaG educates and pairs owners with prospective greyhounds to adopt.

For more about dogs in general please visit our sister site www.happypuphouse.com