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Happy Greys first came about after we adopted a rescue greyhound called Tigga in 2019.

After more research into greyhounds I was shocked and horrified to discover there are between 17,000-18,000 greyhounds killed each year in Australia alone (where we were living at the time).

Four months later we decided to adopt another grey - Lottie. After arriving home and looking at her registration papers we discovered she was Tigga's younger 1/2 sister!

I started a blog to educate people on how amazing, calm and awesome sighthounds are. My mission was to encourage people to rehome and adopt them. I became involved with an amazing charity called IWAG (I want a greyhound). IWAG are a not-for-profit charity and have rehomed hundreds of greyhounds. 

We returned to live in the UK in 2021, and Tigga & Lottie have adapted well to the change in temperature.

I've now partnered with Retired Greyhounds South Lakes (RGSL) and will be donating a percentage of all sales to them. So when you purchase from our store you are helping to save lives of these wonderful breeds!

After losing the blog in 2024 (slight technophobe), I've decided to start from scratch and build it up again. I hope you find the posts interesting and gain some useful information along the way.

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Have a lovely day!

Sharon. x

Tigga & Lottie