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A Little Bit About Us

A Little Bit About Us

Hi, my name is Sharon and I'm the owner of Happy Greys!

I've been a dog lover all my life, but I didn't really become acquainted with the sighthound family until 20019.


I was living in Australia, and read an article on how many ex-racing greyhounds were destroyed every year due to injuries, or simply reaching an age where racing wasn't an option any more.

The wonderful people at GAP  Qld (Greyhound Adoption Program Queensland) matched me with a gorgeous big boy, Tigga. We brought him home on 19th December 2019, and he settled in really well to 'civvy life'. 

When COVID hit and lock-down kicked in all the local dog parks were closed. Tigg's seemed to become depressed not seeing his friends and having his daily run.

So in April 2020 we decided to give him a playmate and we returned to GAP where a feisty young lady was waiting for us.

Lottie soon made it obvious who was boss, and Tigga, being the laid back boy he is, took it all in his stride. It was only when we looked at her adoption papers later at home that we discovered they were 1/2 brother and sister!


I began a blog to highlight this wonderful breed, and to try to encourage other dog lovers to look at their adoption. I partnered with the awesome team at I Want A greyhound (IWAG) who work tirelessly rescuing and rehoming greyhounds.

Back To Blighty

Fast forward to 2021 and we decided to move back to the UK to live - it took a while for us all to acclimatise to the change in temperature! We moved to a small coastal town in the Lake District where I was born and grew up.

Retired Greyhounds South Lakes

We've now partnered with Jenny and the crew at Retired Greyhounds South Lakes (RGSL) and a percentage of all our sales is donated to them. This helps with the running costs of this smashing charity. If you live, or are holidaying, in the Lakes district check out their website as they organise monthly greyhound walks which are always well attended!


I love designing, and started an Etsy shop selling pet-themed clothing and gifts, where I soon found sighthounds were by far my most popular sellers. After losing my original Happy Greys blog, I decided to start from scratch and combine a store selling sighthound related clothing and accessories with a blog.


So here we are! I hope you like our designs and find the blogs interesting and informative. I'll be working hard to add to both on a weekly basis, so be sure to pop back and check us out.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Sharon. x

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A lovely story, I love your whippet tshirts and look forward to ordering from you.


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